Control your Jebao pumps by using your Android device or Windows PC.

Dual Control

Keeps two pumps in perfect sync 24 hours a day using our own blend of preset or true random wave patterns.


Works with most Jebao/Jecod wavemaker pumps as well as the Aqua Medic EcoDrift pumps.


We stand behind our product with the best technical support anywhere with a 1 yr parts and labor warranty.

Use your Mobile Device

Control your Jebao/Jecod pumps from your Android Smartphone or Tablet.

Set up and control your Jebao pumps from your Android device. Simply download a free app from the Google Play Store and you're ready to go.

Replace your Stock Controller

The JBWave replaces both your Jebao controllers and provides accurate, advanced wavemaking and precise control over pump speed and wave pattern.

No more "gravel" storms. No need to hack your power supply to reduce speed. 10 different wave patterns including cutom setup with individual speed control lets you mix and match any pump models on the same controller.

Made by Reefers for Reefers

The JBWave is handmade in North Carolina, USA.

I started out by building a few of these for our local club. It worked so well that more people wanted one. So I cleared out my garage and turned it into a mini manufacturing shop. if you're satisfied with your Jebao stock controller then that's cool. But if you want to really wake up your pumps, then give us a try.

Customer Comments

  • - "Second to none-best product ever- I now own 3-and the customer service is perfect"
  • - "Cool Product. It opens so many variables to an otherwise limited product"
  • - "Very easy to use and I'm amazed at what it's done to my WP40's!"
  • - "Yes it has the features of Jebao controllers but I don't care about that anymore, this thing has so many wave patterns it's on its own playing field."
  • - "My Goniopora, SPS polyps are loving it, they are getting moved around but not getting beat up. No more sand getting tossed around."